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A selection of previous work from around the world

BBC Radio 4, UK’s first alcohol-free drinking festival – August 2017

BBC News, Will Asian fruit and veg home deliveries take off? – August 2017 

BBC Radio 4, ‘No Poo’ movement, You & Yours – July 2017 

BBC Radio 4, Science-based Fiction, You & Yours – February 2017

BBC Asian Network Investigates, The Caste Divide – January 2017

BBC Asian Network, Transgender in the Asian community – February 2016

The Telegraph, British Asians know the secret to a happy marriage – January 2016

The Telegraph, Why mums are the real heroes of Diwali – November 2015 

BBC Asian Network, Sikhs study finds 40% undecided about election vote – March 2015 

BBC Radio 4 documentary, JD Salinger’s spiritual quest – January 2015 

BBC World Service, Click, Digital mapping for disaster prevention in the Philippines – November 2014 

Guardian, Mentally ill people left chained by families and left to die after Typhoon Haiyan – November 2014 

BBC World Service, From Our Own Correspondent, Haitian migrants in Brazil – July 2014 

BBC World Service, Click, Smartpolicing in Brazil – July 2014 

Guardian, Giving a voice to marginalised women in Tanzania – March 2014 

Guardian, Texting their way to the top – June 2013

BBC World Service, From Our Own Correspondent, Creating jobs after the war in northern Uganda – March 2012

BBC Radio 4 documentary, An African Asian Affair – January 2012

BBC World News, Uganda’s rare treeclimbing lions– May 2011

From Our Own Correspondent, California’s Cannabis Capital – May 2011

BBC World News, Forest walk with Ugandan Batwa pygmies – April 2011

BBC World Service, Digital Planet – Anusaaraka translation – March 2011

BBC News, Close Up – Mombasa’s Lighthouse – November 2010

BBC News, Uganda’s first Batwa pygmy graduate – October 2010

BBC World Service, Digital Planet – Mapping the Kibera Slum – October 2010

BBC World Service, Digital Planet – Apps 4 Africa – September 2010

BBC News, Life-saving artificial cow – August 2010

BBC World News, Fast Track visits Delhi – February 2010